I am looking for a solution where I can install Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS in a VM running on a headless server, then remote into that desktop environment from a Raspberry Pi 3 (as a thin client) with sound support.

I have a headless server running Ubuntu 18.04.4 server edition with VirtualBox 6.1 installed. I have been able to create a VirtualBox VM with Ubuntu 18.04.4 following these directions. Networking is with NAT, and I can start the OS with VRDE (VirtualBox Remote Desktop Extension) enabled.

From a separate desktop Ubuntu machine, I can access the guest machine over my local network using e.g. Remmina as a remote desktop client. Basic sound and video are OK here (but not great - sound is not well synced to video).

Problem 1: the login screen is not responsive through any remote desktop clients (Remmina, xfreerdp, rdesktop). I can click on an account and then enter the password and the login will work (the desktop will appear) but during the login process, the screen is frozen and doesn't update e.g. to show the password entry field.

On the Raspberry Pi (model 3, v7 ARM), I have installed pulseaudio, but otherwise it is vanilla Raspbian. I can also remote to the guest machine using Remmina, xfreerdp and rdesktop, but same login problem as above and

Problem 2: No sound through Remmina or rdesktop. There is some sound through xfreerdp, but it is very delayed (>2seconds) and system sounds are badly distorted.

Note: with the exception of the Pi, everything else is basically vanilla Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS with the default Gnome 3 desktop environment.

Ultimately, I would like to have a setup with a virtualized Ubuntu running on a headless host server that I can remote to using the Pi as thin-client, and I'm open to suggestions (e.g. VNC? Different RDP client? Different VM host? Different desktop environment?) as long I can resolve - login functions correctly (problem 1), and - sound is reasonable (problem 2)

I think this could be a useful setup for small home networks to make it a bit easier to deploy and maintain systems e.g. for kids that would still provide access to a full desktop experience, so any other ideas are welcome, too. As an aside, I prefer Remmina as a remote desktop client, but xfreerdp seems like a solid alternative (but a GUI would be nice).

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