I have an older version of FileZilla 3.28.0 I need to update to more recent version. I downloaded the file from: https://filezilla-project.org/ 2020-03-11 - FileZilla Client released - I got "FileZilla_3.47.2.1_x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.bz2" I opened it with Archive Manager and got three directories. Now what? I don't want to install it, because I have dozen's of site related info stored in the current version that I don't want to loose. Tried running sudo apt update and upgrade but got nowhere. Help!' It's probably something stupidly simple but I'm blanking!

  • We don't know your OS/release details (it's better if we don't guess!), I see 3.41.3 available for my release, 3.41.2 available as a snap (which will be available for all releases). When you have tarballs of software though, it's usually best to follow the coders instructions for installing (enclosed in the README, INSTALL or web site where the tarball is located). – guiverc Mar 26 at 22:47