My audio output and input won't work from my internal devices and the only way for me to get sound to come out of my laptop is by using a Bluetooth device.

I am using a Dell Chromebook 11 3120 and I have tried a large sum of fixes that I could find on the internet. Alsamixer doesn't help, reloading Alsa and Pulse didn't work and I have looked all over for ways to manually set my audio device that hasn't worked.

I get the Dummy Audio in the sound settings and I don't have an input option. I know I have a built in mic because I used the mic when the device was running ChromeOS.

I will do anything you send me to try out if you are willing to attempt an assist here. I would just prefer something that wouldn't need me to reinstall Ubuntu or change OS again mostly because I have a few files I want to keep.

My computer is able to find my sound card in alsamixer but not in sound settings, alsa doesn't allow me to manually choose a default sound card and I can never get Pulseaudio to work how others say it should.

I need some help preferably something I can type commands in to the terminal for, find certain information and type a few more commands to set it up.

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