I'd like to refind a tool I have used before to pinpoint problems with the port usage of a system. It was a small tool (small like using almost no resources) with it's own webpage-server, that showed the real time and also statistical usage (hour/day/week/month) of all the ports and their states. I think it was written in python, but I'm not 100% sure.

The reason I'm looking for this tool: A tcp connection always waits for 1 minute until it's completly closed, after the final data has been exchanged. It's not about WHAT (program, service) is hitting the box, but how much traffic is hitting the box and hence how much ports are open, especially how much are in fin_wait.

What I'm not looking for: I'm familiar with netstat, but I don't think that this is the right tool to do long term statistics as I have about 30 systems to worry about. But proof me wrong, if you have a good idea.


I found it, it really took me a while to find it with the right search terms in Google. The tool is called darkstat. You can install it via apt.

apt install darkstat
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