Im trying to install Ubuntu on my PC that already has Windows 10 installed on it using a bootable USB. I turn on the PC and press F2 to got to the BIOS then i go to the Boot Menu(F8) and in there there are two options with my USB name in it.

The first one is 'UFEI USB name' and when i click on it it goes to the GNU Grub Version 2.02 where there are four options:

  • Try Ubuntu without installing
  • Install Ubuntu
  • OEM install (for manufacturers)
  • Check disk for defects

I click on 'Install Ubuntu' my PC starts making a noise and a black screen appears.

The other option just has my USB name. I select it and goes to the purple Ubuntu screen with a small white keyboard on the center bottom and the same noise and black screen happens.


The PC has Windows 10 already installed on it.

I have used the same bootable usb to install Ubuntu on another PC(Windows 7) and another Notebook(Windows 10) as well and it went fine on both.

I checked and both the PC and the Ubuntu .iso are 64 btis.

There is a very similar question in here without answers tho: Installation problem - black screen

Hopefully i haven't missed any detail and if you see this and can help me i would appreciate it. :D

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  • I would suggest starting with the "Check disk for defects" option. The disk it's referring to is your install media (help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/CDIntegrityCheck) to ensure your write to media was perfect. If your download wasn't flawless (tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-how-to-verify-ubuntu#0) or write to install media was imperfect, you're just wasting your time, and the couple of minutes it takes to verify & check is easy & cheap insurance. – guiverc Mar 26 at 7:24
  • The problem is on the boot Menu Entry it is not correctly configured. You will need to edit grub.cfg file on your usb flash; boot/grub/grub.cfg. Alternatively you can press “E” when grub boots and provides the Four Options. Please read grub command line options. To fix the Black screen add “quiet splash —-“ option at the end of this line; linux /casper/vmlinux.18.04.img.XXX.XX boot/casper root=/dev/sdb1 components noeject ............. quite splash —-. Then press CTRL + X to boot Ubuntu. – Juniar Mar 26 at 23:45
  • Black Screen Ubuntu Installation Problem. If you encounter this issue, there is already a very detailed case by case answers, And one of the post might fit and fix your specific Black screen; askubuntu.com/questions/162075/…. – Juniar yesterday

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