I created a bootable USB of Ubuntu 18.04.4 and booted from live USB. It restarts automatically after some time. I tried with the Ubuntu Mate also for the same version and the same problem with it also. My laptop has i7-9750H Nvidia 1650 MaxQ.

I tried with one earlier version of the Ubuntu i.e. Ubuntu 18.04.3 and I had no problem with that version and my laptop wasn't rebooting randomly. I suspect it to be a kernel issue. Anybody faced such a problem, how do I install Ubuntu Mate 18.04.4 on my laptop? Please help. Thanks

Note: I am trying to install ubuntu on the laptop which already has Windows 10 installed.

  • As you believe it's kernel related, why not install Ubuntu 18.04.1 which will install the GA kernel (4.15), then sudo apt update; sudo apt full-upgrade which will upgrade your system to 18.04.4 but with the GA (4.15) kernel rather than HWE kernel. You can also switch from HWE kernel to GA on your existing system I suppose, providing system stays up long enough to install before you reboot & use GA kernel, this advice applies equally to all flavors, 18.04.2 & later media use HWE by default wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack – guiverc Mar 25 at 12:08

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