I would like to use the libreoffice flatpak version to headlessly convert odt files to pdf.

So e.g.

libreoffice --headless --convert-to pdf ./somefile.odt

However, I want to use the flatpak version for this.

  • Does your command distinguish between flatpak and other versions of LO? – User24601 Mar 24 at 12:58
  • 1
    @Graham No, however, when involked on a system with libreoffice ppa installed, it uses this one. When involked on a system with only the flatpak version installed, it returns "libreoffice is not installed." – Bruni Mar 24 at 13:09


flatpak run org.libreoffice.LibreOffice/x86_64/stable --headless --convert-to pdf ./somefile.odt

seems to work.

Hence, you can set an alias:

alias libreoffice="flatpak run org.libreoffice.LibreOffice/x86_64/stable"

and add it to your ~/.bashrc file and use libreoffice headlessly, like you are used to.

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  • Could you help out here? – DK Bose Apr 1 at 10:13
  • @DKBose I will share my experience, but i am not sure why I no longer have this problem. – Bruni Apr 1 at 10:17

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