DSLR Camera is not detected when connected via usb. lsusb shows same results with device connected/disconnected. dmesg indicates nothing after connecting via usb.

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  • Welcome to AskUbuntu, what model of DSLR and on which version of Ubuntu, give us some more clues. – Sadaharu Wakisaka Mar 24 at 0:37
  • DSLR is a Nikon 3400. Ubuntu 19.04. – mlefevre1988 Mar 25 at 1:08
  • I think I saw the USB mode selector in the Camera system, can you switch to MSC from PTP. nikonimgsupport.com/na/… If it doesn't work, ask Nikon about it. – Sadaharu Wakisaka Mar 25 at 1:15

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