Only been using Ubuntu for a couple weeks.

The amount of wasted space along the top of some windows is almost comical, but I realize that is largely due to the developers. For example, Chrome and Microsoft Teams make great use of the space. Firefox and Visual Studio Code... oof.

Trying to resolve this, I came across an answer on here suggesting gnome-shell-extension-pixelsaver. Worked great for several days. Then just quit working yesterday. I've tried to sudo apt purge gnome-shell-extension-pixelsaver and then reinstall. Restart, etc. Doesn't fix it.

I also tried no-title-bar and also made sure x11-utils was installed. Doesn't do anything either.

I haven't made any changes to the system, so I'm perplexed why it would just quit working.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

EDIT - 3/27/20

I ended up doing a reformat for a couple reasons, this being one of them.

Used this extension on the clean reformat:


Again... works for a few days and then stops working. Reinstalling it does nothing.

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