I have a folder, x, whose path I don't want to touch, but I want to have a reference to all of the content within x so that I can upload it to github from a different path. How can I make a new folder, y, that holds in memory a reference to x? I plan on only modifying things in folder x, not folder y; folder y just reading the contents of folder x.

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    ln -s /path/to/folder /path/to/reference/folder – Terrance Mar 23 at 15:16
  • @Terrance's comment was helpful in guiding me toward this realization: hard links cannot be made to directories. I think that is what I wanted to do. The problem with the soft link is that the directory gets uploaded to github as just a path. I guess I'll just have to duplicate it. – helaughs_hecries Mar 23 at 20:18

Linking as @Terrace said would not work because if you were to change folder x folder y would also change. Why not just duplicate it?

Hope this helps

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