New to Ubuntu, read all posts regarding my problem, and there are many, but to no avail.

Installed 18.04.4 LTS on i7-2600k system. Single OS install. Everything was working fine until I rebooted the system for the 1st time. After reboot, display goes directly to my desktop with the "What's new in Ubuntu" Window in the center. Mouse and keyboard are completely unresponsive.

I'm able to go in the BIOS, Shift key during reboot does not work. USB Mouse and keyboard are wireless; unplugging, changing usb ports did nothing.

Tried usb wired keyboard in vain.

There are many different solutions posted for this issue, but I'm afraid I'm going to mess up my system by blindly applying so many "fixes".

I'm now wondering if I should have installed the latest version of Ubuntu i.e 19.10 as opposed to the supposedly stable LTS.

Again, there are many flavors already posted for this issue, mine is a new flavor. Any help in the right direction is appreciated.

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