So I went from Nautilus to Nemo file browser, but was surprised to see that the file picker (inside an app, when I choose "open a file". For example, ctrl+o on gedit) was exactly the same.

From this answer I learned that the file picker of inside an app (GTK+) is not the file browser. Apparently, it a also a quite sensitive subject, and the only alternative to GTK+ is KGTK (thanks here)

Why is it so complicated to have changes to the file picker, at the point that there is only one alternative to the default? In the linux world, I'm more used to too much alternatives than too few.

For what I'm able to see, the file picker share a lot with the file browser. In fact, I would have thought that the file picker would be the browser, where instead of executing an app when choosing a file, you would close the browser and return a string/filepath to the app. What is the fundamental difference that prevent transforming a browser onto a picker?

(sorry for approximate use of the terms, I'm not even sure picker/GTK and browser/Nemo are the right names)

  • See vanadium's answer here for some more information. – DK Bose Mar 22 at 4:19

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