How to (easily) change Lubuntu applications menu icon?

I checked this question here on askubuntu.com, but I could not find any answer.

I am still trying to find a simple way to do that.


As I supposed, this option is already included in Lubuntu for users: fortunately, no files of the system have to be modified and no Terminal command lines are necessary to do this editing.

I found the way by myself after some trial and error. Only then I saw that it is (obviously) also precisely described on the official Lubuntu manual page, here.

  1. First, find a good icon image you like for your Lubuntu panel and save it in your local drive.
  2. Then, just go on the panel and right-click on it.

    enter image description here

  3. Click on Configure Panel.

  4. Go to Widgets bar.

    enter image description here

  5. Click on Menu or Application Menu (it depends on your Lubuntu version).

  6. Here a new window appears, showing the path of the image file used as the menu icon. If you like, you can back up the default path by saving it on a .txt file or as a screenshot, for any problems may occur or just to recover default settings.

    enter image description here

  7. Now just type the new path for the main menu icon, corresponding to the path of the image you previously saved.

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    I find this particular customization quite important, because you use this icon a lot. I also wanted to share this instructions from Lubuntu OS official webpages here on askubuntu.com. – corradini riccardo Mar 20 at 22:11

For older Lubuntu versions, you can also simply right-click on the menu icon and the path of the image file used as icon is shown: you can now change it by entering the path of the new image you want to use.

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