As title says; I recently installed (yesterday) Ubuntu Studio 19.10 on my Toshiba Satellite laptop. I dunno what other information should I paste here, I'm still new to Ubuntu. I was using Ubuntu 19.10 regularly since it came out, and it worked fine, but when I switched to Studio this happened. What happens is that after I close and open the lid and then everything but the mouse is unresponsive.

Edit: Changed settings using this terminal sudo gedit /etc/systemd/logind.conf(had to install gedit, because Ubuntu Studio doesn't have by default somehow); still the same problem. Formatted the laptop and reinstalled Ubuntu Studio 19.10, still no change. Again changed the settings on sudo gedit /etc/systemd/logind.conf to


Still no change. I'm desperate to find a solution.

Also it's a bother to receive only notifications from someone just to tell me that I wrote something wrong instead of giving me any answer to my issue; specially since it's been many days since I've posted this issue.

EDIT 2: XFCE settings are "lock screen" at lid close; but all options give me the same problem. Googled it, no solution found online gives me an answer or it's meant for regular Ubuntu and are not applicable to Ubuntu Studio.

Edit 3: If I set XFCE to "Presentation mode" I can't even move the mouse after closing or opening the lid; it's not that it won't move, it's that it's gonna be incredibly lagged.

  • Is it freezing or is there a lot of disk activity. I've had this on some systems where there is so much disk activity that it looks like it has frozen. Can you try popping up a terminal and during the freeze, can you still type in it? – cup Mar 26 at 5:29
  • No, can't open any terminal, or close any current window, or move, open or close any other thing. The only thing movable it's the mouse pointer; and that's it. – SashaNeedsHelp Mar 26 at 5:36
  • Reset the machine and do that before you first close the lid. – cup Mar 26 at 5:39
  • nope, can't write – SashaNeedsHelp Mar 26 at 9:38
  • Is there any disk activity? Check the disk light - is it off, on or flashing occasionally – cup Mar 26 at 10:03

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