I am mainly a Windows technician and am trying to install ubuntu server. Everything worked fine and I can log in using the shell but when I installed ubuntu-desktop it just refuses to start? I did try startx and I get the message "server already running" I tried "start gdm" (what is this supposed to do?) and it comes back with "Job is already running: gdm"

I know that the server version is not really for ubuntu-desktop but all our other servers are like that and I want it, is there any help out there?

Ps. the server is running on a VM install that my IT department made for me and I connect to the machine shell using "Tera Ter Web 3.1"


Perhaps, if you use gdm it should be GNOME.
With ubuntu-desktop correctly more using of lightdm and Unity.

I haven't experience with server version. But it looks like popular trouble with home folder permissions.

Once I was it done by just running Guest session, unlock administrator account, remove it, and create new one.

Other alternative:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall -f -m -u gdm
sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm

Select gdm

sudo restart gdm

Same way appropriate also for lightdm ((use lightdm instead gdm))

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