I'm writing a bash script to automatize my downloading process. In a section, it gaves a error:

syntax error near unexpected token `newURL=$(echo $URL | sed 's/&:/$index/')'

That section of code is here:

# Downloading the pdf's.
for index in {$startedNumber..$endedNumber} do
    newURL=$(echo $URL | sed 's/&:/$index/')
    wget $newURL

This section handles a URL like "http://xxxx.com/xxx/yyy/zzz&:.pdf" and find "&:" part. When it finds that, it will change it to $index. So that I can download these lines: http://xxxx.com/xxx/yyy/zzz1.pdf http://xxxx.com/xxx/yyy/zzz2.pdf http://xxxx.com/xxx/yyy/zzz3.pdf http://xxxx.com/xxx/yyy/zzz4.pdf (... and goes on until de $endedNumber)

What should I do to solve this problem?


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There are a few issues here in addition to those addressed in current answers

  1. bash doesn't (directly) support the use of shell variables inside a brace expansion. See for example

  2. $index wont get expanded because your sed expression is single-quoted. See for example

  3. avoid using ALL-CAPS variables names and don't forget to double-quote variable expansions

In fact you don't need sed at all since the shell itself can do simple search and replace on variables directly. So for example

startedNumber=3; endedNumber=7


for index in $(seq $startedNumber $endedNumber); do 
  echo wget "${url/&:/$index}"
wget http://foo3bar
wget http://foo4bar
wget http://foo5bar
wget http://foo6bar
wget http://foo7bar

(remove the echo for your real case).


The do keyword should either be on a new line or after a ;.

General rule of thumb from personal experience, when an error is reported as being near an unexpected token, always look at the code before it (not just in bash)

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