When I first installed Xubuntu 18.04, PulseAudio wouldn't run at start, but it would when you opened pavucontrol. After I rebooted during a normal boot cycle, PulseAudio refused to open. Every attempt at pulseaudio --start fails to start a daemon.

I ran pulseaudio -vv to debug, and this was the output. new link . Previous attempts were removing the files in the .config/pulse folder, doing a force reload on ALSA, and copying the default.pa file to the ~/.config/pulse and modifying the config settings. Neither worked for longer than one reboot cycle.

It seems it's something to do with ALSA and the sound driver for the HDMI port? I'm not certain.

Asus T100TA, Xubuntu 18.04 LTS patched with Linuxium script.

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