Reading a specific email in Mutt is simple.

Just do

$ mutt

in the terminal. It opens and then directly from there you type the message ID from the message you want to read, followed by enter. Simple.

But I was still wondering if this could be done even more easily by doing everything in one command using certain parameters.


$ mutt -[parameter] [message ID]



You can call any function from the command line with the -e parameter. For example,

mutt -e "push 100\n\n"

will jump to, and show, the 100th message. The push command is emulates to keyboard input.

You can use a shell variable for the message number:

mutt -e "push ${MESSAGE_INDEX}\n\n"

Note that "message ID" is a unique field inside each email header, and not what you are referring to, which is the message index in the folder.

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