I am facing a big problem installing Ubuntu on my Gaming laptop ASUS ROG GL503V with graphics card NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1050 using an USB, I tried Ubuntu 18.04.4 AMD 64 and Ubuntu 19.10 AMD 64 that I downloaded from the official website, and none of them would work.

Problems faced with 18.04.4 version:

After I choose the option Install Ubuntu on GUI GRUB, it launches but goes into black screen immediately.

I solved this problem by not loading video drivers with adding nomodeset before quiet splash as its shows on the image below:

Image grub

but the screen becomes bigger, and this solution is permanent as it seems.

After the installation is finish and it wants to restart the laptop , it just doesn't load , it goes into a black screen again !!

Problems faced with 19.10 version:

After I click on install Ubuntu , and choose ether install and remove all option or partition hard drive option , the screen goes black on the start of the installation.


At the blank screen, try pressing Ctrl + Alt + F4 to be able to enter the Text-based user interface or start up your operating system in recovery mode.

Next step is trying to fix the problem. There may be files missing in the usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu folder: re-installing x86_64-linux-gnu directory

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