I can't login with Nautilus SFTP to a server on my local network.

I only get the message:

(Norwegian) "Oops! Något gick fel.Har inte nödvändiga rättigheter för att komma åt den begärda platsen."

Oops! Something went wrong. Don't have permission to access the requested location.

With Bash I can login with SSH and SFTP without any problems and in Nautilus this worked earlier without a glitch. What has gone wrong and what can I do?

I am using Ubuntu 16.04

  • I could replicate the error trying to access to a folder that it's not owned by the user you login with. 1) Can you login to you_user@the_ip? 2) If yes, does this user have privileges to access the location you are going? – schrodigerscatcuriosity Mar 2 at 21:06

Thanks, but it turned out that there was a problem on the server. Removal and re-installation of open-ssh on the server solved the problem. H

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  • Please delete the question. – user68186 Mar 2 at 22:22

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