May someone tell me if the system logs (especially dmesg) are archived somewhere else than /var/logs? In this folder I can find only dmesg from last 6 restarts. I need to look two weeks before to solve a problem.

in /etc/logrotate.conf i could see:

# rotate log files weekly

# keep 4 weeks worth of backlogs
rotate 4

How can it be, that on server distro i can not look into logs older than last few restarts, which I have performed in the last two days? Or did I miss something?

I'm using Lubuntu Server 19.10

  • Lubuntu is a desktop OS, have you installed lubuntu-desktop on your Ubuntu Server, or are you using Lubuntu desktop as if it's a server. – guiverc Feb 29 at 7:08

You do have the Systemd journal at you disposal. Read up on the 'journalctl' command to learn all about itman journalctl. To view a list of boot logs from journald in a terminal:

journalctl --list-boots

Current boot:

journalctl -b 0

Previous boot:

journalctl -b 1

three boots ago:

journalctl -b 3

and so on.

Messages from two weeks ago:

journalctl --since="2020-2-15 9:30:00"

by unit(or service):

journalctl -u sddm.service

And much more.

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  • Thank you for your answer. It was very helpful and informative! I managed to solve my problem. – alex Feb 29 at 12:59

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