I have a shortcut key set to bring up the login screen by running:

dm-tool switch-to-greeter

Recently I decided that it would be more useful to me to only explicitly lock my screen this way, so in the Xfce Power Manager > Security tab I unchecked "Lock screen when system is going for sleep".

However, since this time I have been getting errors. Occasionally when I shut the lid the computer fails to sleep, and when I open the lid and dismiss the lock screen it is asking for me to enter a password because it apparently lacks permission to go to sleep (?!!!). But most of the time it works, yet when I wake up the machine and pass the lock screen a notification pops up:

Power Manager
There's already a shutdown or sleep operation in progress

This is annoying because it doesn't go away and I actually have to take the trouble to move the mouse up to click it. Why are these errors occurring and how can I get rid of them?

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