Hello I am running custom terminator layout with splitted windows, each of the windows run it's specific command. When I run the terminator everything is fine the command execute as they should, but when ctrl+c is pressed in any of the window the command stops and the window is closed. I remember running in on some article something saying something about that but now it seems I can't find it. So any help welcome and suggestions.

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You can set your command like this.

bash -c "trap $SHELL EXIT; <command>"

Anyway, you can also use Terminator Layout Builder to manage layout easily.

  1. In your ~/.zshrc or ~/.bashrc paste this script at the end of the file:
echo $INIT_CMD
if [ ! -z "$INIT_CMD" ]; then
    setopt shwordsplit
    for cmd in $INIT_CMD; do
        print -s "$cmd"  # add to history
        eval $cmd
    unset INIT_CMD
  1. In the custom command enter following: env INIT_CMD="cd bla; command_1; command_2;" zsh NOTE: Mind that if you have quotes you will have to escape them e.g. env INIT_CMD="java -argument=\"tmp/\" -jar my.jar \"serverIP=\" \"serverPort=8088\"" zsh

I don't take the credit :) here is the full link: https://amir.rachum.com/blog/2015/11/28/terminator-multiple-custom-commands/

Hope it helps!

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