I would like to move some space from a Windows partition (sda2) to a Ubuntu partition (sda5 or sda4?). However, I'm a novice in setting up partitions and the bootloader.

From other questions, I've seen that the partitions can't be mounted when messing with them. For this, people advised using a live USB with Ubuntu or with GParted. People have also mentioned using Windows for resizing its partitions (and disabling fast-startup) and GParted for Ubuntu, afterwards. However, beyond this I don't know much else. I know that stuff can break if the offset of the boot partitions changes and I don't update the bootloader, which I don't know how to do. Do I have to deal with this in this case? I ask this because sda2 and sda4/5 are consecutive. Are there any other caveats I should look out for?

A smaller question I have is why is sda5 alone inside sda4?


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    * why is sda5 alone inside sda4* Well, sda4 is an extended partition, I think it's created this way when you installed Ubuntu alongside windows. – guillermo chamorro Feb 26 at 23:30
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    Regrettably, messing around with partitions is never safe. Before doing it, I would advice making proper backups. – guillermo chamorro Feb 26 at 23:33
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    A safer option would be creating a new partition instead of moving them, and maybe move your /home to that partition. – guillermo chamorro Feb 26 at 23:35
  • @guillermochamorro Thank you for your insights. I'll probably backup and try it. If everything goes south I'll just reinstall Ubuntu. – Daniel Marques Feb 26 at 23:38
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    Does this answer your question? How to resize partitions? – Pilot6 Feb 27 at 19:40

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