I have windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 19.10 dual-booted. I decided to move /boot to a separate partition. I created a 1GB partition in sdaas (sda1). While creating this partition, I had to move Windows to sda2

Unfortunately, doing this removed the Windows System Reserved partition (however I did back up the data).

Using Ubuntu-live and boot repair I set the new boot location to sda1. After a while, I got the following message: "An error occurred during the repair". Here is the log for the boot.

Now, grub has been installed and I can boot into Ubuntu. In addition, /boot has a separate partition. Now, however, the Windows option has disappeared. I think it is related to deleting the "System Reserved" partition.

  • Most desktops do not need a separate /boot partition. Better to have smaller / (root) and then large data and/or /home partition(s). Windows only boots from a primary NTFS partition with boot flag & its boot files. Since Windows 7 that is normally a separate Boot partition, but is not required. You can copy bootmgr & /boot/BCD into main install & move boot flag to main Windows partition. But if you moved NTFS partition, you have to run chkdsk from Windows repair disk. – oldfred Feb 26 at 17:14

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