I have Dell G3 15 and I have installed Ubuntu 18.04 and at first my second monitor was not working.

I have installed the nvidia driver as such: enter image description here

And after I performed this tutorial: http://ae0bq.org/?p=137

At this point only my second hdmi connected display seems to work. My laptop display remains black.

I aslo tried switching from gdm3 and lightdm with the same output. Under wayland, on gdm3 I was able to work on my laptop display but not on the hdmi connected one.

How can I make both displays work? (there is no hardware failure)


May be a dumb question but are you sure your display is enabled ? Settings -> display (I guess mine in french is "Affichage")

What happens when you unplug your external monitor ?

enter image description here

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  • Under wayland: I have another active display there but no image on it. Under xorg: I do not see the latop display after login – Nitescu Lucian Feb 20 at 14:29

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