Though this question has been asked before, all information I can found is outdated, so I decided to ask myself.

For those that don't know, MultiMC is a free, open-source launcher for Minecraft. I'm using it because I prefer it to the default launcher, and I found it easier to install, which I did by compiling it myself.

When launching the game, MultiMC copies libraries from common folders, as detailed in the log below. Therefore, information on how to patch a normal Minecraft's install would also be helpful.

Minecraft's default Linux LWJGL library is not built for ARM and thus the game crashes during initialization. At least, I believe that is the problem, though I'm not entirely sure.

Here is the full log.

I have tried, using a shell script, simply replacing all the .jar files in the .../install/libraries/org/lwjgl/lwjgl-*/3.2.2/ folders, with the equivalent ARM files downloaded from lwjgl.org (which are 3.2.3, if that matters). That yields this crash.

But now I'm at a loss for what to do. Am I even addressing the right problem?


Not sure if this helps, but there is a MultiMC fork for arm64 (on GitHub).

It works for me and I can launch Minecraft on it.

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    Can you please expand this to explain how to install it?
    – Zanna
    Jun 29 '20 at 18:04
  • @Zanna Go to the releases page - github.com/JJTech0130/MultiMC5/releases - download the latest amd64 package, extract, and run the MultiMC executable. Jul 3 '20 at 23:31
  • It works! Thanks for the tip! The fork doesn't seem to be updated for 1.16 yet; but there's been recent development activity so hopefully that's coming soon. Jul 3 '20 at 23:33

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