I hope this is allowed to ask, since its Lubuntu what I am using.

When I connect to a second monitor, the wallpaper gets stretched across both screen, and all the different settings in the desktop menu all apply to both screens as it would be just one. I would like to either have both monitors just show each the wallpaper like on one screen or have one screen just wothout a wallaper and have it one the other normally.


  1. I am using release 19.10
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    I only want the panel on my main screen (laptop in that case) but tbh I dont care if it has to be on both, if it solves my wallpaper issue. Same for the icons. I just want the wallpaper somewhere in one piece, not stretched across both screens in any way. – main_chungry Feb 19 at 20:22
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    Your release details would have helped (and yes Lubuntu is an official flavor thus your question is on-topic on any Ubuntu site, IRC, or lubuntu.me etc). A team member (HmollerCl) wrote a script phab.lubuntu.me/T54 code.launchpad.net/~hmollercl/stitchwp/+git/stitchwp forum.lxqt.org/t/wallpaper-in-multiple-monitor-workaround/387 ) which was attempted to be pushed upstream alas.. It works on all LXQt releases of Lubuntu – guiverc Feb 19 at 21:49
  • Thanks, forgot to mention I use 19.10, I added it to my question. I downloaded the script and run it, but it didnt work, in /home/ben/.config/pcmanfm-qt/lxqt is no new wallpaper file generated. I have to check later if I can figure out why. - Nevermind, I figured it out. In Desktop Preferences the wallpaper mode has to be Stretch to fill the entire screen, or it wont work. Thank you! – main_chungry Feb 20 at 7:12
  • Can I suggest you write your own answer in detail (where you got it, what you did etc). When Hans put it together a number of us grabbed & tested it as requested, but that was some time ago for me (and before 19.10, so it may have changed slightly) – guiverc Feb 20 at 7:21
  • Just wrote it, hope it is comprehensible. – main_chungry Feb 20 at 7:40

Here is what I did to get what I want

1. Download stitchWP (Hans P. Möller)

Either from this website code.launchpad.net/~hmollercl/stitchwp/+git/stitchwp or by directly running git clone https://git.launchpad.net/~hmollercl/stitchwp in your terminal. @guiverc gave this tip!

2. Select Wallpaper

Make sure you have selected your wallpaper of choice, also make sure that Wallpaper mode is set to Stretch to fill the entire screen.

3. Run the script

cd into the downloaded folder and execute it with ./stitchWP.sh. Sometimes it takes a couple seconds if the image is huge, so be patient.

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