I've a server with two NIC and they are both on different IP range and subnet, both can access Internet. the first NIC (enps0f0) have a public IP to be accessible to the public, the second NIC (enps0f1) have local ip to be accessible to the Internal users from the network. i have properly set my netplan yml file. When I plugins both Rj-45 works fine. i can access internet from the server and ping. the problem is that i can't access the Second NIC (enps0f1) from the local network while the public Ip(enps0f0) is working from the local and outisde netwroks. if i unpluged the public IP cable(enps0f0) the local netwroks(enps0f1) replay and accessible within the network, while the public IP is not working,

  version: 2
    enps0f0 :
      addresses: [196.xxx.xx.xx/24]
      gateway4: 196.xx.xx.177
        addresses: [213.xx.xx.xxx,,]
    enps0f1 :
      addresses: [10.xx.xx.xx/25]
      gateway4: 10.xx.xx.1
        addresses: [,,10.xx.xx.xx]

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