Since Windows 7 is no longer supported I have decided to migrate to Kubuntu 18.04.4 LTS.

I have used linux before, but never encountered problem like this and I can not find solution online.

I'd be thankful if someone would help me.

My PC contains 6 drives, of which 2 are SSDs and 4 are HDDs.

System stuff should be on 120GB SSD, so I've mounted 4GB swap, 40GB / root and 40GB /home on it, leaving the remaining space unassigned.

Second SSD(80GB) will probably serve as storage for programs. In installer I instructed it to "don't use this partition"(or something like that), and it got mounted in /media/mateda/ssd80gb. Strange, I though it will nicely wait for me to assign it later.

HDDs are for storing music, videos, downloads etc.. These are 2 x 1TB and 2 x 500GB.

I would like to have 1 directory for 1 drive as in windows(drive C:/, D:/, E:/, etc.), and be able to freely read/write.

For now these drives are mounted in /home/a & /home/b & /home/c & /home/d but I cannot write to them.

I made it like this because I couldn't select /home four times. Obviously I'm noob with this stuff and don't understand the whole structure yet.

So the question is - when installing kubuntu, what should I do in partition management??

Ps1. I have moved all the files from NTFS to EXT4 with success. 8)

Ps2. After formatting every drive it seems like linux is taking space away from it.

For example:

Freshly formatted 80GB SSD - used space: 52.02 MB
500GB HDD - used space: 72.03 MB

But this is nothing compared to 60GB(!!!) that dissapeared from 1TB HDD

Size: 931.51 GB
Used: 869.25 GB

When I try to copy files to disk I get disk is full message.

Why is it like this?

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