I have a dual boot system running windows 10 and ubuntu 18.04. I have 2 hard drives in my machine.

suddenly in ubuntu my QGIS stoped accessing my other drives in the browsing section,

I tried mounting and auto mounting on boot but nothing helped.

First my other drives were only in read only mode, the only thing that i changed was to turn off the fast boot in windows 10. which enabled me to use my other partitions in write mode too.

could this thing affect the current problem? Only Home and Root Directory in QGIS My list of drives

UPDATE I have seen that the drives/partitions are being mounted to /media/ folder. the drives are available in QGIS by browsing to the same directory. Please let me know how to mount them in the 'Home' directory or i dont know which folder should i mount them to be available directly.new qgis sc enter image description here

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