I have Ubuntu 18.04. I can mount my Google Drive and copy files. But, I cannot delete files. Is it not possible to delete files?

  • What are you using to delete files? What happens? – FedonKadifeli Feb 15 at 19:23
  • What do you use to mount the drive? – Eduardo Trápani Feb 15 at 19:29
  • Google Drive is an on-line cloud. Removing files : Right click file, and select Remove = the trash can symbol. – Knud Larsen Feb 15 at 22:08
  • @FedonKadifeli I use the file explorer included in Ubuntu: Nautilus. Nothing happens when I press the delete key. – Juan Feb 16 at 17:26
  • 2
    I am using 19.10 and I can delete Google Drive files from Nautilus using the Del key or the right click menu. – FedonKadifeli Feb 16 at 19:02

I found the problem. I was trying to delete documents shared with me. I have discovered that shared files appear when I select to show hidden files in the file manager (Nautilus). In order to avoid confusions I think it is better no show hidden files.

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