I am using a Dell XPS 13 7390 with Ubuntu 18.04, purchased from Dell in December 2019.

It was working great until today when Firefox disappeared.  After I closed Firefox I couldn't start it again. It just wasn't there (at least search in GUI and terminal couldn't find it). So I went for lunch and when I got back it wouldn't let me sign in (password wasn't accepting any characters), so I pushed power button to turn it off. 

Turned it on and it boots to command prompt instead of GUI.
I run 

sudo systemcd set-default grpahical.target 

It loads the desktop background and that is all.
Any suggestions how to resolve this? 

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  • What version of Ubuntu do you use? – zx485 Feb 15 at 4:37
  • Ubuntu 18.04 from Dell. I just run updates whenever I got prompted to do it. – Gile Pile Feb 15 at 5:28
  • This looks like a damage to the file system. A hardware issue (or just a one-time hardware hickup) may be at the origin. You probably will need to reinstall because there is no guarantee about the integrity of the remaining files. However, at this stage I recommend you to have your system serviced while it is still under warranty. – vanadium Feb 15 at 10:28

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