I am new to Ubuntu and Linux and just installed 18.04.3 on one of my work computers due to Windows 7 being EOL now. The hardware of this machine is Intel® Core™ i3-3220 CPU @ 3.30GHz × 4 and the graphics is Intel Ivybridge desktop and it is a Lenovo all in one machine with integrated display.

My screen is flashing black randomly. It seems to get worse when I'm looking at pictures with a lot of blue in them (this has been mentioned by another poster). When I go to this site, it flashes so much that the computer is unusable until I close the browser window.

I've tried making the 20-intel-graphics.conf file that another poster mentioned and it didn't help at all. I've tried changing the monitor refresh rate by editing the ~/.config/monitors.xml file, but the file is empty in 18.04.4.

The kernel I'm using is 5.3.0-28-generic

Any other suggestions as to how I can get this problem fixed? I have also tried using 16.10 and 19.10 and I have the same problems in those versions as well. 19.10 seemed to give me the least amount of problems.

I have another desktop that is the same make style but it has a sandybridge GPU and it does not have these issues.

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