I bought a new monitor (2K) and I've been dual-booting Windows + Ubuntu.

After GRUB, the monitor will go dark. However, if I press the space-bar and then enter my password I'll be able to log in (I'm basically logging in blind). Once I've logged in the OS works as normal.

This is rather annoying and I'd like to fix that. what's more annoying is when it goes to sleep, I can't open it at all.

Both my monitors come out of the graphics card (I have an old R9 290X) the new monitor uses the HDMI port and the old smaller 1080p monitor uses the DVI port (not sure if this is relevant).

I've tried updating drivers and even reinstalling Ubuntu.

Any ideas?

Edit: Just forgot to mention that this new monitor is replacing another monitor that was using the same port, however, it was 1080p.

  • What's the type of your monitor? Maybe it'd be good to know... – zx485 Feb 15 at 2:50

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