I've been trying to connect to a VPN through my Ubuntu VPS, but every time I try, the server shuts down.

Perhaps the connection blocks the ssh, and all the traffic when I try to connect? I tried connecting with a VPN to a Dedicated Server with Ubuntu Linux, first 18.04 then 16.04, and to a virtual private server with Ubuntu Linux. Both failed, so at least I know there's no difference.

I just get disconnected and I can't connect to my VPS unless I reboot it. Is there any way I could set up a VPN on my VPS or at least is there a way to change my VPS internal IP multiple times?

So I'm using the NordVPN .deb application. After I successfully install it, I connect with my password and email, then I use ''nordvpn connect'' (sometimes I specify the server which I want to connect to, for example nordvpn connect es/br/us/etc). It says Connecting.. then the linux server just freezes, and in about 10 seconds I get disconnected.

But I didn't stop there. I tried using NordVPN manually via OpenVPN. I installed the packages, and the same thing happened, after I connected, the VPS just dropped, and I had to reboot it.

I don't have any errors to show since it's just connecting - failing - shutting down. It might also be the service I use for VPS however I'm really desperate to find a service that allows me to use VPN. I really need it for my project and In 2 attempts all failed.

Please let me know if you need further information in the comments and I will edit the question. I might have missed some things since it's pretty late, tried to work this out all day.

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    WhIch release of Ubuntu did you try bare metal, and in the VPS? Can you try an alternate version? – K7AAY Feb 15 at 0:25
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    I tried this on Ubuntu 18.04. I'm not sure what do you mean as an alternate version. @K7AAY – Lmao 123 Feb 15 at 0:30
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    Fer exx, 16.04, 19.10 – K7AAY Feb 15 at 0:31
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    I have tried on 16.04 too. – Lmao 123 Feb 15 at 0:33

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