I am wondering about the new update on KDE Plasma 5.18.0, there are some improvements and new features as mentioned here.

There is one thing that I am interested in, named Emoji Picker. The official site of KDE said that emoji picker will be triggered and pop up by pressing Meta+. (Super+.). But I don't know, I get nothing pop up while trying that keyboard combination on an editor, a text input field or such.

Previously, I was in KDE 5.16.x as default when installing Kubuntu 19.10. Heard about that news, then I full-upgraded my system using this way,

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports
sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

After that, I restarted my computer, logged in again, tried emoji picker, and nothing worked. Any help, please?


Unfortunately, the issue is just because I installed Latte dock and one if its function replace emoji picker default shortcut. So the workaround is just to go to System Settings > Shortcut > Global Shortcuts > Emoji Selector.

Then click Emoji Selector global cell, select Default. A dialog will be prompted to confirm reassigning Emoji selector for that shortcut. Click yes to confirm.

There it is. Now I can use Emoji Selector everywhere in the system just by clicking Meta+. (Super+.).

In my case, Latte dock replaced the shortcut and caused the issue. Maybe in your side, it will be different app, just follow my way to solve that in case you find the same issue as me.

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