I installed BlueGriffon version 3.3 today in Ubuntu 19.10. It shows as installed in the addon section of applications.

Now how do I launch it?

I am so frustrated. I am not sure if I did it wrong or if I missed some command or something.

I am very new to Ubuntu.

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The publisher of Blue Griffon does not make their application's user manual freely available; it must be purchased. Therefore, these instructions are provided on a 'best available' basis.

Open the Nautilus file manager by clicking on the file drawer icon. Look in /usr/share/applications and in ~/.local/share/applications for bluegriffon.desktop. Once found, please right-click on it and check its Properties. It should be set as Executable; if it is not, make it so.

Alternatively, open a terminal window, change to the bluegriffon directory and launch the app with

cd ~/bluegriffon  
sudo ./bluegriffon  
  • I just wanted to test this program to see how I like it. I installed the free version just to give it a test. I was able to find it in my applications file. I found the .desktop file and make a desktop shortcut. Everything is working great. Thank you for your help. I am able to use this now. – walk5 Feb 14 at 23:50

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