While I installed Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS, the neighbor (apparently) bought a "Hue Lamp" which appears in the list of bluetooth devices on my machine.

Tried using boolean Blocked [rw] setting of bt-device set to true, which works for a while, then the "Hue Lamp" reappears.

Is there any way to tell the Settings manager to not list this device?

Edit: I specifically mean the "Bluetooth" tab of the graphical settings manager, see the picture.enter image description here

  • Those devices are simply whatever devices bluez knows about, so it's very possible that a second lamp appeared in range, rather than being the same one. You likely also need to block it as well. You can use bluetoothctl to get a lower level view of what devices are visible, as well as the blocked and other properties on them. – dobey 2 days ago
  • @dobey Hmm, blocking using bluetoothctl didnt' have any effect on the settings manager. But now I know that bluez is working behind the scenes - thanks for the hint! – doppelfish 2 days ago

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