I am currently using Ubuntu 18.04 within WSL 2 (windows sub system) and what I am essentially trying to accomplish is transferring over my ubuntu 18.04 install on another VM into the new one. I've followed the instructions From here to create a .img of my old VM drive and mount that into the new ubuntu and rsync my files. The problem is I followed the instructions to the T and now old my files have been transferred over into a folder i made /media/oldinstall. I am new to linux but I think what I wanted to do was to rsync the mounted directory directly into / to replace all the existing environment with everything from my old install instead of placing it in a sub directory.

I can do things like chroot into the /media/oldinstall folder and use all the old binaries i had but being that I am running ubuntu through WSL things like vscode are not working properly since my old environment is not being used.

Now seems like a pretty straightforward problem, how to correspond the environment located in /media/oldinstall into the new environment and leave things running as if it were my old system?

  • It's generally a good idea to keep notes on how to rebuild your favorite environment from a clean-install. Backups fail, copy instructions are incomplete, unexpected events happen. – user535733 Feb 14 at 16:01
  • Generally not a good idea. However, if you wish to gather some stuff from the old environment, copy over the .config, .local, .mozilla, and .thunderbird folders. Set up the rest manually. – heynnema Feb 14 at 16:36

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