Why ubuntu 18.04 GNOME behaves strange when requested new apps(windows) to be run? I can explain meaning with help of several examples:

1. Usage of Chrome's function "Show in folder" for downloaded files.

  • Windows: Explorer opens folder with downloaded files and this window become active on top of GUI.
  • Ubuntu: Application "Files" opens folder, but keeps window minimized.

2. Starting another application "in background". (When some application starts slow.)

I clicking on application icon and immediatly switching to another running application and typing text there (for example).

When recently opened application would finaly started

  • Windows: then window would be minimized.
  • Ubuntu: then window become active on top of GUI and interrupts me.
  • This behavior not only in Gnome. I use Budgie and the same behavior is present here also. – Gryu 2 days ago

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