Anyone know of a fix/big that prevents dragging and dropping from from Windows 10 to Thunar 1.6.15?

Does not work on one particular laptop. Works fine on numerous other PCs running the same Win10 build.

Disabling AV doesn't help. The Thunar environment creates a fresh session each time so it's unlikely a setting within that session.

  • Which virtualization are you running which permits simultaneous use of Ubuntu and Windows 10? – K7AAY Feb 13 at 0:58
  • Not entirely sure of the details as it's a product a customer uses. It is access via a website/URL and the virtual machine shows up in the web browser. – Darryl Bourne Feb 13 at 2:10
  • Which version of Linux is nstalled (Ubuntu server, Ubuntu desktop, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, et al.) , and which release number? Also, is the Thunar window appearing on a Windows Desktop? Please click edit and add that vital information to your question. Please do not use Add Comment; your responses should go in the Question. – K7AAY Feb 13 at 16:23

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