Machine: Dell Precision T5600 Server OS: Ubuntu 16.04 Server Programs running: Eve-ng, Apache web server on port 591 instead of 80

I've ruled out the following:

  • -- No conflicting IP's on the (3 device) LAN.
  • -- Tried on three different routers (2 different Arris, 1 Netgear).
  • -- Tried on two different ISP's (AT&T Fiber and Suddenlink Cable).
  • -- Tried on the DMZ and also behind the firewall, same results.
  • -- Tried on two different NIC's, one onboard and the other a NIC card.
  • -- Disabling ipv6 on both the modem/router and the server has no effect.
  • -- Assigning statics also has no effect.

Whenever the server is connected and powered on, the entire LAN, wireless devices, everything (including the server) will go through a sudden packet loss burst. I activated wireshark on my desktop but am not picking up anything peculiar during these outages. During these outages, when you monitor the interface such as a ifconfig pnet0 command, you can literally watch the TX rate climb to tens to HUNDREDS of GIGABYTES, in just a matter of literal seconds before it stops and just like that all network connectivity is restored...several minutes later the same thing happens. I then tried to perform a nethogs but when the Tx rate spikes and network connectivity is lost, nethogs is unable to record and spams the console with cannot open xyz folder where xyz varies and differs between each message, After the Tx surge, nethogs comes back with several listings to IP which was not present beforehand, but does not list what port or protocol is open or being used to associate with it.

Any idea as to what is going on?

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