I'm new to linux.

Out of curiosity, I run some commands as sudo to mess up with permissions. When I restarted my system, most of the apps give firejail error.

For Example If I run firefox then it says:

Error: cannot create /run/firejail/profile/3535

This same error appears in most of the apps like rhythombox, vlc, dolphin when i launch them in terminal by just typing their name. When I launch them directly, nothing happens after some loading. I hope I'm not the first one to get this error because of my stupidity. Please Help.

  • Please provide OS/release details, what firefox you have installed (deb installed, snap installed etc), and if run from terminal the command used.
    – guiverc
    Feb 10, 2020 at 5:36

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This Is Happening due to problem in config files in firejail.

Just reinstall it with:

sudo apt reinstall firejail

It worked for me.

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