I have a headless Raspberry Pi running and want to set up the synchronizing service Syncthing. This service provides a browser-based GUI which is accessible via localhost:PORT.

Obviously, this only works from the machine which has this localhost.

I know that I can access such a localhost from another machine in the LAN with a SSH tunnel using the command

ssh pi@raspberrypi.local -L 8888:raspberrypi.local:8888 -N.

I am now wondering if it is not possible to forward this on the Raspberry directly. I want to tell the raspberry to listen at some port and if a connection comes in then connect it to localhost:PORT.

A good example is logitechmediaserver which I run on my Raspberry and I can connect to it from anywhere in the LAN with RaspberryIP:9000.

  • I don't know if it is obvious. Have you tried RaspberryIP:8888? – mchid Feb 9 at 23:49

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