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Mi situation is This: I have 3 Difrrent Drives . One 250 Gb that runs Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 and 2 2TB WD Red for Samba. I want to install and configure samba on these 2 tb Drives. I follow some tuturial how to install samba and configure it but i end up installed on 250 Gb that has the OS. I would like to install it and share my files on these 2 tb drives. Any help or link will be apreciated.

Thank you.


Software is installed in various standard places, including '/bin,/usr/bin' and /opt/... This i as designed. You can't easily change this, and since theese packages don't take much space it is not a problem.

You configure Samba to share the directories (path's) you want. So if your 2 TB disks is mounted at /media/disk1 and /media/disk2 you will have to share those two in Samba.

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