I'm able to normaly use dead keys over the whole system.

FYI I live in Brazil and we use accented letters, as in é á ó ã õ.

We need dead key support for this as we type first the accent key " ´ " and then the proper key " a " to get and á

It doesn't work in terminals like 'st' and 'urxvt' tough. I've searched thoroughly over the internet to no avail.


Change keyboard layout (English UK) on command line to English US doesn't solve my problem, as it is urxvt and st related.

Modern terminals like "tilix" or "gnome-terminal" are able to produce "á é é" characters

  • Change keyboard layout for the console as indicated in the duplicate question (sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration)
    – vanadium
    Feb 7 '20 at 7:35
  • Unfortunately not, tried both 'console-setup' and 'console-data'. Last one had a portuguese standard which looks right but returns error: Looking for keymap to install: br-abnt2 adding map 3 violates explicit keymaps line Failed to load keymap!
    – Leo Zerino
    Feb 7 '20 at 8:10

I have the English US keyboard, and I switch to the English US International keyboard with dead keys to type accents in Spanish. I have no issue typing accents in urxvt. I am using Debian 11.

To set my keyboard, I can use the commands:

setxkbmap us
setxkbmap us intl

Furthermore, I have a keybinding set to run this script to toggle between keyboard layouts:


setxkbmap -query | grep -q "variant" &&
(setxkbmap us && notify-send -t 400 "Keyboard US") ||
(setxkbmap us intl && notify-send -t 400 "Keyboard US International")

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