I've made a file with a Simple Linear Regression code that calculates the average of x and y values, and their standard deviations. Now, instead of inserting values myself (user input), I want to make a different file with values already stored in it and kind of "feed" them into my Linear Regression code. How do I go about doing so? (Bear in mind, I have Windows 10 so please do provide me with code that's compatible with my OS)

P.S. I'm very new to the Bash/Ubuntu environment so I'm not aware of almost everything used in the terminal.

  • It depends on how your script expects to obtain values - as arguments (positional parameters)? streamed via standard input? prompted for and read one-by-one via standard input? It would be easier to answer if you included at least the relevant portion of the script in your question – steeldriver Feb 6 at 23:11


1    2
3    4
5    6



# Import values form a file into an array using redirect.
echo "count: ${#array[@]}, data: ${array[@]}"

# We increase the counter i by the number of columns.
for ((i=0; i<${#array[@]}; i+=2)); do
     echo "X=${array[$i]}, Y=${array[(i+1)]}"
  1. Create your variable file by this other software so that it looks like this:

    $ cat /tmp/foo.var   
  2. From your bash script then source your variable file /tmp/test.txt like this:

    source /tmp/foo.var   
    echo "$foo1"

Adapt the paths accordingly. Especially when using windows.

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