A simple journalctl command is now giving me this error

Journal file /var/log/journal/ad9213e031ec2a16399a42515988884e/user-1001@ae426ac82df44a8489f745ad63e8c9ea-000000000000215f-0005848bb1ab0334.journal uses an unsupported feature, ignoring file.
Use SYSTEMD_LOG_LEVEL=debug journalctl --file=/var/log/journal/ad9213e031ec2a16399a42515988884e/user-1001@ae426ac82df44a8489f745ad63e8c9ea-000000000000215f-0005848bb1ab0334.journal to see the details.
-- No entries --

When I invoke the recommended command SYSTEMD_LOG_LEVEL=debug journalctl --file=/var/log/journal/ad9213e031ec2a16399a42515988884e/user-1001@ae426ac82df44a8489f745ad63e8c9ea-000000000000215f-0005848bb1ab0334.journal I get

Journal effective settings seal=no compress=no compress_threshold_bytes=8B
Journal file /var/log/journal/ad9213e031ec2a16399a42515988884e/user-1001@ae426ac82df44a8489f745ad63e8c9ea-000000000000215f-0005848bb1ab0334.journal uses incompatible flag lz4-compressed disabled at compilation time.
Failed to open journal file /var/log/journal/ad9213e031ec2a16399a42515988884e/user-1001@ae426ac82df44a8489f745ad63e8c9ea-000000000000215f-0005848bb1ab0334.journal: Protocol not supported
mmap cache statistics: 0 hit, 1 miss
Failed to open files: Protocol not supported

journalctl --version gives

systemd 244 (244)

It looks like someone on redhat with the same version is having the same problem


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I should have noticed the error in what I wrote in my question, but as a tolerant admin on the Ubuntu bug tracker pointed out, systemd version 244 is ahead of Ubuntu's version 237 for 18.04. Turns out that homebrew installs its own systemd and journalctl for certain packages and a recent upgrade introduced the error. The new journalctl couldn't read journals that had been compressed with lz4, which is the default on Ubuntu. To enable this, journalctl needs to be built with the flag -Dlz4=true. I submitted a patch to homebrew so that it works now.

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