I'm new to programming, trying to understand Ubuntu for Ruby.

I'm having trouble typing the > symbol into the command line, I'm just trying to create a new file.

Send some love plz.

  • Is Shift+. not working? – Terrance Feb 5 at 4:09
  • Hold the Shift down (it does nothing by itself), then press the "." key. The higher symbol on your physical key (assuming white) requires the Shift to be pressed first and held down. I'm making a lot of assumptions on your keyboard, but you've provided little detail to narrow down your actual problem (ie. I've assumed a US or like ASCII keyboard layout, you're using English as your language etc, but again you gave no details) – guiverc Feb 5 at 4:20
  • You may want to use touch newfile instead of >. – ponsfrilus Feb 5 at 6:20

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